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Being multi-network means that FlexiFone’s eSIMs automatically switch between EE, O2, Vodafone and Three based on the operator with the strongest signal.

How FlexiFone Works?

Switching to FlexiFone is quite simple! You can choose to buy a new number or port -in your existing UK number.

Download Our App

Download the app from the App Store and create your profile.

Select Your Plan

Choose a suitable mobile plan, starting at just £10/month.

Setup Your eSIM

Within 60 seconds, you will receive your eSIM QR over along with the setup instructions.

Switch Between Networks!

The eSIM and mobile handset will automatically switch between the operator with the best coverage in your location.

Our Flexi Mobile Plans


100 GB

Data + Unlimited Calls & Texts on EE
  • 5 GB on O2, Vodafone & Three
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • Instant eSIM
  • Affordable Roaming in 146 Countries


Data + Unlimited Calls & Texts on EE
  • 12 GB on O2, Vodafone & Three
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • Instant eSIM
  • Affordable Roaming in 146 Countries

Say Goodbye to No-Spots & Patchy Signal

FlexiFone improves mobile network coverage using Cellular Switch and the Cellular Bonding technology. We are the first operator that offers and supports multiple simultaneously active eSIMs that switch between various mobile networks, providing you with the best coverage.

100% Digital

Everything is on the app, no need to visit a store.

Instant eSIM

No wait to get your SIM card in your postbox.

Affordable Roaming

Roam like home in over 100+ destinations globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions!

Is there any contract? Can I cancel anytime?

All are plans are pre-paid and renew every 30-days. You can cancel anytime!

How do I switch carriers / network operators?

The switch between mobile network operators will be automatic based on the operator with the best coverage in your location on the coverage booster SIM. Read more details under the FAQ on “Cellular Bonding” and “Cellular Switching”.

How is FlexiFone different from other multi-network SIMs?

There are other competitors in the market who also provide multi-network SIMs, but these are basically ‘steered’ SIM cards with a primary home network operator and they can roam onto other networks if the primary network isn’t available. However this poses challenges such as delays in switching between networks, and internet connectivity / voice calls being dropped during the time the network switches which can be approximately 60 to 120 seconds. Also these SIMs are suitable only for applications where the handset (device) is not moving and if the device is moving (for example in the train), the SIM may disconnect and switch between networks so frequently that the overall experience of voice calls or browsing the web may be very poor.

Furthermore, many of these SIMs do not support full-4G and 5G standards, and even in 2023 many of them only offer LTE (3.95G), HSDPA (3G) , and GPRS/EDGE (2G) only, resulting in them being great for voice calls/texts but not adequate for using mobile data. This is because these SIMs are sourced from suppliers who specialise in SIMs for IoT/M2M applications where a very low amount of data is required.

FlexiFone is designed for mobile data users and supports cellular switching and cellular bonding thus boosting your coverage.

How do I setup my eSIM?

You will receive video instructions on how to setup the eSIM on your Android or iOS device once you subscribe to a monthly plan.

How do I swap my eSIM to another device?

Login to our portal and select “Swap My SIM” option. You will be emailed instructions to setup your new eSIM within 60 seconds.

How does Cellular Bonding & Switching work?

If you wish to enhance your network coverage, you can use our Cellular Bonding and Switching feature. We will provide you with two eSIMs on the app. One will be your primary SIM card which can be used for voice calls and texts as well as data, and second would be a coverage booster SIM which will automatically switch between the other UK networks. The connection from the primary SIM and the booster SIM will be combined and on iPhones, you would be able to enable the built-in Cellular Switching feature which automatically switches between networks based on coverage and reliability. On Android, you will be able to use our app in order to bond the network connection from both the SIMs (Cellular Bonding), and then have higher speeds and better reliability.

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